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Submission Guidelines

Here at West Egg, we encourage all who are interested and capable to submit. We love reading new and different work from people we don't know. 

Here are a few guidelines to think about before you submit.
-We will only print previously unpublished work. This means that it can't appear anywhere else before appearing here.
-We ask that you limit individual submissions to under 8,000 words.
     - This can be in the form of 3 (or fewer, or more) poems, or 1 (One) short story.
-Unfortunately, at this point, we are not able to pay for accepted submissions, but we don't think that should discourage anyone who wants to share their work.

If you like you can include a short bio that will be included with your submission, if it is accepted. 

Things to remember:
-We may not accept everything for printing, but that does not mean we did not read it. We make every effort to read and seriously consider all submissions.
-We maintain one-time publication rights. This means that after we publish your submission in an anthology of print, the rights to the work return to you, the original creator.
-We are still figuring this out, so please don't sue us. If you have any problems or questions about the terms under which we publish work, send an email to: 

westegg [dot] publishing [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you.