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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update. 1.0

Things have been a little crazy lately. The editors are in two different places, and two different lives. We keep our eyes out for good writing, but we cannot find it all, or print it all. It becomes an all consuming task. Our interests widen, we begin to show interest in music, writing, and art. We decide we should try to showcase these interests through our online vehicle. These things require time and patience and money. We are both poor students. We can only try to maintain and share good writing as well as we can.

So this is an apology. It is also an introduction. This blog/literary magazine/online repository of things that are inspirational and cool is trying to expand. There's too much media to consume, but we try to weed through it to share the good things, and the true things.

We hope that this does not disillusion you. We hope that this does not discourage submissions. This land is your land. Only so much as you make of it. We are all part of this community of creatives, and there is much about social content creation and internet culture that we are new to. That doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to share what we think is relevant and powerful to people who would like to see it.

good things.

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