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About the Editors

This Journal only has two editors. They are both founding editors, and they are both friends.

They are both literate, but their aesthetics are not identical. There is sometimes disagreement, there is sometimes panic. 

Both editors must be present to discuss the works published in each Edition. The final decisions are made jointly. 

Alisha Dingus
Her biography is to be continued, but for now suffice to say that she is a published author, playwrite and a college graduate. Her interests include obsessions, Neil Patrick Harris, and cookings.

Francisco Brady
Has not graduated from a college. Problems? Email him. It will happen eventually if it was meant to. His passion is not writing, although he does some writing on occasion. He is literate, and right now his passion is finding art and sharing it. His passion is this.

If you have any questions for the editors or would like feedback for your submitted work, feel free to email: 
westegg [dot] publishing [at ]gmail [dot] com