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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Edition Four.

Today some new art from our first photography submission. Then a beautiful poem from a friend. Remember we always welcome new submissions: westegg.publishing@gmail.com

My Hair


Ana Morales first began taking pictures in 2004, when she took an "Intro to Photography" class at a community college. She enjoys making the outrageous beautiful, and the beautiful outrageous. More of her art can be found on her website: www.ana-luisa.com


I remember you
                         after Flavius J. Fisher
Maggy Roza

The sun sets in a burst of color,
settling into the hills
the way I sank into your arms, the way
you gave yourself to me, the way you held
my hand as if you were afraid
I'd float away,

the nights we spent together
on Fisherman's Wharf, telling no one,
knowing everything, the way your passing
glances made me feel
          on fire             in harmony
doused in the light of God or the Devil,

and I don't know what the birds sing
at dusk in the swamp, because all I hear
           is your name
spreading like rings on the water,
      in my veins          in my mind
how  I wanted to shout that I loved you

but I was afraid of the echo, the way
the sun is afraid, the way it sets
in a burst of color
because every time might be its last.

Maggy is a poet from Sacramento, California. She has four siblings, idolizes Jack Kerouac, and despises Southern hospitality. She plans one day to write a punk rock opera.