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Monday, February 14, 2011

Edition: Valentines

Happy, or unhappy Valentines day everybody. Today we've got some heartfelt words from some new people. Enjoy!

Remember to tell your friends and submit all your creative thoughts and secret desires!

I could forget

Antonio Urquidez

If you were a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl,
a taller, older glass of water.

refreshing and irresistible but not hard to forget.

if my hand didn’t rest on your hip quite as well as it did,
a different style or a different little yellow house down the street from mine.

my aunt called this morning for my dad.
told me she found my uncle Gino in a jail in Bakersfield
tell your father to check his email she said.

I’ve been smoking more cigarettes since you’ve gone.
we all yearn for a taste of fire.

Ezra James Woollan

leave for the night, don’t come back till you’ve seen it.
walk down the middle of your street, make sure its empty.
look at the streetlights. the yellow orange glow on the hood of a truck on bricks.
listen to the sound of your footsteps totally alone. don’t wear your slippers.

this is hell.

take this chance, and remember i will not be here when you get back.

Some time ago...
Tobias Newell

the worst day of my life?
i could tell you about when i broke my middle finger, or when my birthday just became another day.

or just the walk from my car to your house. the night after we talked for the last time.
snow crushing reluctantly under my boots, quiet crunches telling me to give up and go home.

i got in and out of my car at least three times.
the walk up to the front desk was the worst. my stomach had that feeling
churning or turning, i’m not sure. you’ve got to clench your teeth though when you feel it

i took the stairs up to your floor
to hold off the truth
just a little longer

i knocked only once, softly. then i called,
you picked up, but i didn’t hear your voice, just the sounds of crowds and laughing. you were in a club or a bar. i hung up.

Last Year
T.R. Johnson

Last year started shaky, 
Similar to the one before. 
It was up and down, 
Left and right, 
Neither here nor there. 
But along the line 
I learned some things 
About you and me and her, 
She left me twice 
And I’m sure 
She’ll leave again 
once more. 
But then again, 
You picked me up 
Or so I thought, 
When she walked out that door. 
And now I’m drunk 
Passed out again 
Drooling on the floor. 
This year started shaky, 
Similar to the one before. 
Life is up and down, 
Left and right, 
Neither here nor there.

Mr. Urquidez went to Colorado State University, he recently went through a break up. He is living in Los Angeles, writing screenplays and poetry.

Mr. Woollan went to the University of Ohio, studying History. He now teaches in Dayton City School district.

Mr. Newell is currently unemployed, information on his book, "Waiting for Maria" is available only by emailing tnewell@mindspring.com

Mr. Johnson No bio is available for Mr. Johnson, he remains shrouded in mystery, his words speaking for him.

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